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Collect all 8 characters from the popular Sqwishland farm region: Sqwig (pig), Sqwooster (rooster), Sqweep (sheep), Sqwull (bull), Sqwow (cow), Sqworse (horse), Sqwoat (goat), and Sqwee (bee). Each case contains 24 regular series characters and 10 rare versions along with GLOW-IN-THE-DARK variations. Each character comes with a special and unique corresponding hangtag with a code to bring your character to life on the popular Sqwishland app, Sqwishland Connect (FREE on Google PLAY and Apple App Store).  More than just plush, and guaranteed to have your customers coming back to complete their farm, Sqwishland is a virtual world and online game aimed primarily at children. It revolves around collecting and caring for cute, squishy characters called Sqwishlanders. Players can adopt these virtual pets, play games with them, and even customize their virtual habitats.

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 19.69 × 18.11 × 20.87 in