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The BRAND NEW Reward Tower Home unit! Makes a great reward and incentive system for children at home for doing their chores, homework, or just as a special treat for behaving! Our Reward Towers come stocked filled with a random assortment of the most popular toys on the market. The Reward Tower also comes with a bag of 50 tokens for use for redemption if you choose the token model. Get ready for the tidiest rooms, the cleanest dinner plates, and siblings getting along.  Your house will be getting a high-score as the Reward Tower scores big with the fans of both parents and kids alike.

What is a Reward Tower?
Reward Towers are a great at home incentive system. Parents can give kids tokens for completing chores, getting good grades, which in turn can be used for incentives at the Reward Tower. This empowers kids to “choose their own reward.” Filled with some of the hottest brands of toys it’s like having your own toy store in your home.
It’s as a “gamification” of chores and your own in-home “loot box”.

What happens when the Reward Tower is empty?
Need a refill? No problem! We can ship refill bags straight to your door. Refilling the machine is very easy and affordable with rewards starting at around .20 cents

Why do you sell empty capsules?
We like to give parents options with our Reward Towers so as an alternative you can order some empty capsules and put your own surprises, rewards, money, or coupons inside.

Can I use this at a school or a doctor’s office?
Yes, the Reward Tower is a wonderful Reward and Incentive Program and can be used quite effectively in those locations.
We have customers who have had lots of success using our Reward Towers in various after school activities such as summer camps, dance studios, karate dojos, churches, gymnastics, sports teams, etc.

How big is the Reward Tower?
The Reward Tower stands 33″ tall with a 10.5″ diameter. When the tower is fully stocked with rewards it weighs in about 35 lbs.

Can the tower be mounted to a surface?
Yes, the towers have 4 holes to make it very easy to mount it to any flat surface. It does come with 4 anti-slide rubber feet that can easily be unscrewed for easy mounting

Is it easy to clean?
Yes, the Reward Towers are very easy to clean. They are made from a poly-carbon material that allows for very easy clean-up.
While the redemption mechanism is made from metal that can easily removed for easy cleaning or polishing

Are the rewards protected from prying hands?
Yes, every Reward Tower comes with a set of keys to keep all those rewards nice and safe

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 34 in
Reward Tower Options

Standard – 2 Quarter Redemption, Standard – Token Redemption with 50 Tokens

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